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    Gentle, Compassionate Care by Your
    Local Dentists in Bakersfield, CA


    Emergency Appointments

    We know how agonizing a toothache can be. We’re always available for emergency appointments.


    Professional & Pain-Free

    Experience a unique blend of professional, pain-free dental services.



    We provide quality dental care at prices that respect your budget.


    Personalized Comfort

    We tailor your treatment according to your needs and comfort.


    Flexible Timings

    Besides weekdays, we’re available after hours and on weekends for your convenience!

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    An Overview of Our Dental Services



    We provide effective treatment for gum disease, focusing on preventing progression, preserving your natural teeth, and maintaining oral health affordably.


    Deep Scaling and
    Root Planning

    We provide thorough cleaning to treat gum disease, targeting plaque and tartar buildup below the gum line, promoting healing, and preventing further damage.



    Skilled root canal therapy to save and restore your natural tooth, relieving pain and preventing extractions, all within a budget-friendly framework.



    Our custom-designed crowns offer durability and aesthetic appeal, keeping in mind your financial concerns.


    Tooth Extractions and
    Bone Grafts

    We provide safe, pain-minimized extractions and bone grafts to maintain jaw integrity and prepare for future dental restorations, considering your budget.



    1. We offer affordable solutions for missing teeth, focusing on restoring functionality and aesthetics with options that suit your financial situation.


    Complete Tooth
    Replacement Choices

    We offer a range of tooth replacement options, including implants and dentures, tailored to meet your dental needs and budget.



    We offer guidance in navigating dental insurance, ensuring you maximize your benefits and receive the care you need without undue financial stress.

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    If you think dental procedures are too costly,
    try delaying one!

    Our individual dental care plan starts at just

    $19.99 per month! This includes:

    Two free cleanings

    Regular dental check-ups during the year

    Significant savings on other dental treatments

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    What Our Customers Say


    Bakersfield, CA

    Best experience EVER!! Dr. Ali worked with me and my orthodontist on my first crown. It was for a front tooth so I was kinda nervous about how it would look and it matches my teeth perfectly!! You can’t even tell which one is the crown. I love this office & will continue to do all my regular dental sessions with them. Thank you San Dimas for always working with me & providing me with the best dental experience!! Side note, they always got the best music playing!!

    Bakersfield, CA

    Went for my first appointment today had a cleaning and a Consultation on the work that i’m gonna need to have done. It was a anxiety situation since i hadnt been to the denits in a long time.The staff from the front desk to the dentist are caring knowledgeable professionals. The front desk clerical staff she explained what services needed to why it needed to be in this order first and what to expect if i didn’t do it in that order could prolong the time. She helped explain the expenses and options to pay my part from care credit to sunbit. Im so glad I found this dental office

    Bakersfield, CA

    Love everyone there…they are wonderful and always make me comfortable being at the dentist. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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    Our Budget-Friendly Dental Plans for Bakersfield, CA,

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