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Toothaches can range in intensity from very mild to acutely severe.

The treatments for tooth aches can range from simple desensitization, localized gum treatments,  fillings, crowns, root canals, or sometimes tooth extraction. Usually in milder cases, the treatment is more conservative like fillings, and in more severe cases can be root canal or extraction.

However, each situation needs to be diagnosed and treated individually.

If you are experiencing a tooth ache, please call our office at 661 322 7696 for an evaluation as soon as possible.

If for some reason you cannot get hold of our office, please go to the nearest local Urgent Care or local ER.

    Depending on how the tooth is chipped or broken, treatments can range from simple fillings, to crowns, root canals, and in severe fractures of the tooth under the gums, even extraction.

    If you need to find out what options are best for you

    Please call our office at 661 322 7696, for a complimentary consultation so that you can find out your options

    If you already have a treatment plan, and need a complimentary second opinion, please call our office at 661 322 7696.

      Generally some form of dental emergency care may be necessary in the following situations

      Mild or severe tooth ache

      Tooth abscess/ swellings and dental infections

      Broken or chipped tooth

      Loose filling or crown

      Loose tooth, or tooth knocked out

      Bleeding gums, where bleeding does not stop

      Profuse bleeding from a dental extraction socket.

      A dental emergency situation first needs to be evaluated,  so that the appropriate course of action can be taken.

      Treatments for dental emergencies can range from temporary fillings, simple fillings, crowns, root canal , tooth extraction, dental splint therapy, seeing orthodontist to put missing brace back on, as well as other treatments.

      Please call our office at 661 322 7696- so that we can evaluate the situation.

      If for some reason you cannot get hold of our office, please go to the nearest local Urgent Care or local ER.

        Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease is due to inflammation and infection of the gums.

        When plaque accumulates around the gums, it can cause soreness at the gum margins, known as gingivitis, which is early gum disease. You may notice slight bleeding of the gums and redness of the gum tissues.

        Gum Disease Treatment Bakersfield

        If gum disease is allowed to progress, then over time the surrounding bone holding the tooth can start decreasing in height around the tooth. In very severe cases, the bone loss can be so advanced, that the teeth start becoming loose. In advanced gum disease, you can lose many teeth at once.

        Please click on our gum disease tab in the services tab at the top of the page

        It is important to take care of bleeding gums, minimize plaque levels around the gums by treating gum disease, thoroughly, and  continuously, to prevent it from progressing to the advanced stages.

        To find out more about your individual situation, please call our office to get a complimentary periodontal (gums) evaluation at 6613227696.

        If you already have a treatment plan, and need a complimentary second opinion, please call our office at 6613227696.

          Teeth can become sensitive for a variety of reasons.

          Most commonly, there can be small areas of gum recession around some teeth, that become sensitive, because the root surface of the tooth usually under the gums, has been exposed. The most common and conservative way to treat is by applying a desensitizing agent.

          It is also important to find out why the gums are receding, usually early gum disease, and steps need to be taken to prevent this situation from progressing further.

          In other cases, sensitivity can result from early tooth decay, and simple preventative resins or fillings can take care of this.

          Clenching and grinding can also lead to tooth sensitivity.

          To find out more about your situation regarding sensitive teeth, please call our office at 6613227696 for a complimentary evaluation.

          If you already have a treatment plan, and need a complimentary second opinion, please call our office at 6613227696

            If you have a missing tooth,or teeth, there are a variety of good treatment options available to you.

            The usual options for missing teeth are

            Removable Partial or complete dentures

            Fixed bridges

            Dental implants

            The simplest and most cost effective is a removable partial denture, that can be taken out of the mouth and put back in,  but the disadvantages of this option is that some patients prefer to have “teeth that are fixed in their mouth.”

            A fixed bridge is placed permanently in the mouth over “prepared teeth”. Fixed bridges are usually very good options, but the disadvantages are that if something changes with the anchoring or abutment teeth, then the bridge cannot work anymore.

            A dental implant is the most ideal option for a missing tooth. The main requirement for a dental implant is enough bone must be present, to place a dental implant.

            For a complimentary evaluation to find out the best treatment option/ options for you please call our office at 6613227696

            If you already have a treatment plan, and need a complimentary second opinion, please call our office at 6613227696

              There are generally three different types of dental insurance plans.




              At San Dimas Dental Care, in order to help maximize your dental insurance, we participate, and are in network with a great number of insurance plans. Because of this, we are able to pass on significant savings to you.

              To get a complimentary dental insurance benefits check, please call 661 322 7696, and we’ll be happy to go over this with you.

              Also please CLICK HERE to find out more about how dental insurance works.

                No insurance, no problem.

                At San Dimas Dental Care- we have an Individual dental care plan starting at $19.99 per month. 

                This allows you to have two free cleanings (regular dental cleaning) and free regular dental check up exams per year. In addition, it covers any limited exam you think may be needed.

                It also allows you significant savings on dental treatments.

                For more details about how this dental plan can work for you, please call our office at 661 322 7696, for a complimentary consultation, so that we can go over the best way you can save and benefit from this dental plan.

                  Having a nice smile goes a long way for a person’s confidence.

                  There are many ways to “makeover a smile”.

                  Treatment options include but are not limited to, orthodontic alignment of teeth, cosmetic crowns or veneers, recontouring of the gums.

                  This is usually a very individual situation, where we need to carefully listen to your wants and needs.

                  To find out more about your cosmetic dentistry options, please call our office at 661 322 7696, for a complimentary evaluation,  so that we can evaluate and discuss your individual situation.

                  If you already have a treatment plan, and need a complimentary second opinion, please call our office at 6613227696

                    We accept and welcome most dental insurance plans and help you maximize your dental benefits..

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                    San Dimas Dental Care in Bakersfield, California, is committed to setting the standard for top-tier dental care in the region. Their primary goal revolves around ensuring every patient feels confident and relieved, knowing they have access to a world-class dental team dedicated to their oral health. By combining cutting-edge technology, a compassionate approach, and a commitment to excellence, San Dimas Dental Care strives to provide a comprehensive range of services that meet the diverse needs of the Bakersfield community. Their emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction sets them apart, fostering an environment where individuals can trust in receiving exceptional dental care tailored to their unique requirements.

                    The practice’s unwavering dedication to delivering the best dental care encompasses a holistic approach, focusing not only on treating dental issues but also on preventive measures and patient education. San Dimas Dental Cares vision extends beyond mere treatments, aiming to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime. Their presence in Bakersfield, California, represents a beacon of assurance for patients, assuring them that a world-class dental group is readily available to cater to their needs with expertise and care.


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